Throat Sampler

Throat Sampler

Throat Sampler

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The pump is used to extract and examine the contents of the fish's stomach. Such discovery can allow you to accurately match the food source, which leads to a more successful and informed approach. The pump is made of a rubber bulb and a small diameter plastic tapered straw which is easy to operate.

  • Two sizes of tubes
  • Tapered end
  • Won't hurt fish
  • Clips to vest
  • includes 2 glass vials

  • Throat sampling

    1. Only collect samples from fish 14” or larger. Smaller trout may be harmed by the throat pump.
    2. Keep the trout in the net, in the water. 
    3. Roll the trout onto its back and gently hold it still - without squeezing it - by putting one pectoral fin between your thumb and forefinger and the other pectoral fin between your forefinger and middle finger. In most cases, the trout will relax and lay still when gently held this way. 
    4. Immerse your throat pump, squeeze the bulb and fill it with water, and then squeeze the water out. 
    5. Gently insert the tube of the throat pump into the trout’s mouth until you feel it just slip into its throat. Stop there! Do not squirt water into the trout. Release pressure on the bulb and slowly withdraw the pump tube. If there’s anything in the trout you’ll see it enter the tube.
    6. Set the pump aside with the tube opening facing up so that you don’t lose any contents.
    7. Release the trout, or if you plan to harvest it, bring it into the boat and quickly kill it.
    8. Squirt the contents of the pump into your vial. 
    9. Squeeze the bulb, suck in some water, and then squirt it into the vial again. Do that one more time if your vial is large enough. 
    10. Throat samples from actively feeding trout should contain live prey (insects, crustaceans, zooplankton, molluscs, etc.).
    11. If the contents are cloudy or the insects, etc. that you find are dead, you may have pushed the tube too far down the throat into the stomach and you’ve withdrawn stomach contents.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Steve H. (Pitt Meadows, Canada)
    Great Service

    Was recently heading up to the interior and remembered I had lost my throat pump on my last trip. With only a couple hours before I was leaving town I placed a rush order with a Togens and requested a quick pickup. Within an hour I received notification that my order was ready for pickup. Thanks Togens for saving the day!

    Walt E. (Utica, United States)
    Throat sampler!!

    Product looks like it will do the trick, just waiting for the ice to go out. Still locked up pretty tight!

    jack s. (Vernon, Canada)

    hasn't arrived yet.

    Richard F.
    throat sampler feedback

    I was surprise that the smaller tube is not holding in the pump. The pump hole is too 'wide'for the smaller tube or the tube is too small for the pump hole. You have the choice. But still the smaller tube can be add to the larger tube to make a longer 2pc tube.

    Other wise, I was happy to receive the package

    John C.
    Haven’t tried it out yet

    Haven’t tried it out yet but looks just like i ordered

    Emma C.
    Couldn’t find any anywhere else.

    Couldn’t find any anywhere else. Great quality!

    So glad you found our Throat Sampler kits with us Emma!

    Elliot B.
    Consistently Awesome!

    As always great products and amazing service thanks again Togens team!