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Love togens

Fly tyer boxes are awesome. It's almost as if y'all know what I want..

Semperfli Straggle Legs
David S. (United States)
Semperfli Straggle Legs

The Semperfli Sraggle Legs worked great for tying small leeches.

OROS Strike Indicators
J.D. (United States)
Oros indicator

Fantastic for nymphing! No complaints so far.

OROS Strike Indicators
Dennis O.O. (United States)
Silicone fly box

I have several of the silicone fly boxes. Which I like very much. A senior 87YO friend who is my go to guru on tying and stillwater fishing liked them too. So I ordered him one box along with white tipped black beads and stretchy mat’l, for his birthday. The box arrived with a fractured lid. My friend contacted you and it sounds like you have already resolved the issue. I have a credit for the box? His name is Gordon. He lives in Wenatchee, Wa.

Thanks for handling that so quickly

Fly Box Buzzer Wrap
Don M. (United States)
Natural look

I had some ideas for the floro smoke #17 buzzer wrap. I got that translucent gray color I was looking for. I’m still trying a few different ideas. Very nice product…

Togens Brass Magic Beads
B.B. (United States)
Great beads

Going forward this will most likely be the only beads I buy. They are Magic. These are magic chironomids brown magic beads, ASB and your hooks. Thanks Togens fly shop. Don’t change.

Fly Box Buzzer Wrap
Bill T. (United States)

Fly Box Buzzer Wrap

Togens Tube/Egg
Andy K. (United States)
there great

i been using Tube / Egg Hooks for doing beaded egg s i been i plan on buying more hoo Bulk hooks i cant thank Brad enough to help me out on my 1st order i plan on getting more

Togens Tube/Egg
David S. (United States)
Togens Tube/Egg

Togens tube/egg hook is strong and sharp!

Gift Cards
GORD E. (Canada)
Togens my Happy Place

Made a fairly big order Black Friday but after a couple of weeks it never showed . Normally your shipments come in less than a week. I thought you might have got swamped that day so waited another couple of weeks nothing. I contacted I think Justin and he got everything together and shipped. It was here in 4 days now that’s service above and beyond. I was very thankful for his prompt action, which got me down to the vise and cranking out some killer flies

Super Bright Dubbing
Tom F. (United States)
Watch out trout!

Great supplies , great service, solid prices! See ya on the river!

Larva Lace Body Material
douglas k. (United States)
on time delivery

works for nymphs etc

VEEVUS Power Thread 70
Clyde L. (United States)

Great thread

Dr. Slick Micro Tip All Purpose Scissors
Richard S. (United States)
Nice pair of scissors

Have used the new scissors for about a week and they are so much better than the craft scissors I was using. Really sharp with a very fine tip to snip materials without leaving tags. Wish I had gotten a pair of these years ago.

Togens Dry Fly Barbless
Chris K. (United States)
I like these hooks and barbless is important to me. Very sharp hooks and with realistic pricing.

I tie a lot and many Tenkara flies also. I like the bend in these hooks and the extra sharp points. I bought 5 styles in size 12 and 14 and they'll do me very well with small stream Tenkara fishing.

Great feathers.

Will buy from you in the future.

Togens Wet Fly Nymph Barbless
Chris K. (United States)
Nice hooks

The shape and sharpness of these hooks is as good as any I've ever purchased. Priced right too and they are a winner.

Beginner Fly Tying Kit
Clayton (United States)
Great kit to get started and tie the Fly Tying Tutorial flys!

Looks like a great kit with a bunch of staples to tie a number of beginner flys. Can't want to start tying! Quick and easy transaction. Thanks Togens!

Togens Dry Fly Barbless
Randy C. (United States)
Great product and service

Thank you for the quality and service you provide

Togens Scud 3X Heavy
Ken F. (Canada)
Nice Hooks

Heavy duty hooks. They should work well for what in need. Very fast delivery. Buy them you wont be disappointed.

Togens Dry Fly Barbless
Jimmie R. (United States)
Incredible hooks

I love these barbless hooks! Super strong and sharp! My flies just look better tied on these hooks.

Togens Scud 3X Heavy
Mike (United States)

Best hook for steelhead egg patterns

Togens Silicone Fly Case
Bob C. (Canada)
Adding on

I like the original box so much that I ordered 2 more. Great for a good assortment in a small shoulder pack.

Togens Rabbit Dubbing
Dan H. (Canada)
Always excellent

The review is for the rabbit dubbing, which is excellent, fine easy to work with. Probably a dozen orders from togens. Great customer service. Quick and efficient shipping. 💯 %

Terra Challenger Vise
Scottie D. (United States)
Terra Challenger Vise

I bought this vise with my fly tying starter kit. Not knowing how to tie Flys, I found this vise very easy to use. It's very sturdy and does its job well. It's also small so it travels well. Overall, it's well worth its price point.