Togen Hooks meeting the test of time:

- 2018 will be the seventh year I've been using Togen Hooks and - in my opinion and 37 years of tying experience - only Togens can boast that they have cornered both quality and price. It has been my pleasure to recommend them to everyone - from veterans to entry-level fly tiers, alike. With 99% of my fly angling invested in stillwater settings pursuing quality and trophy trout, the Scud 3X Heavy Wire in sizes 8-12 has become my preferred hook for the array of leeches I hang while indicator fishing. Nothing is more frustrating than having a hook straighten out when brutish trout north of 22-inches are on the line. These hooks have not disappointed, performing perfectly! Also, as an aficionado of baitfish, callibaetis, chironomids, crayfish, and caddis pupa patterns, count me also a big fan of 3X and 4X long Streamer Hooks, Natural Bend, the 1X Long Nymph Hook, Wet Fly, and especially Togen's Curved Nymph 2X Long Heavy Wire hook. For the number of big-shouldered fish I've managed to the net and apron since 2011, this is an amazing fact about the hundreds of Togen Hooks I've presented: I've never had one fail.
Chuck Loftis  -  Pro Staff
Rapid City, South Dakota USA

- I was dry fly fishing the other day. Our catch was lake trout and rainbows to five pounds. I was surprised at how strong your Togen Dry fly hooks are, no straightening or breaking. Richard - Kamloops, BC, Canada

- Update: to date, have sold about 20,000 flies tied on Togen hooks with zero complaints. Tight lines, Tim  (Custom Fly Tyer)

- I ordered some of your fly hooks and could't wait to get them in my hands. As soon as they arrived I preformed a destructive test on them. I am not an easy person to satisfy but these hooks past the test with flying colors. Thanks for what you are doing for us fly fishers. I will definitely be ordering more.  Tom - Texas, USA

- I have tyed on and fished a lot of different hooks finding your hooks to be very good. They seem to be somewhat forgiving as they don't break when I have snagged as other hooks I have purchased. I will be purchasing more from you. Less - Australia

- Thanks again for the great product that you offer. Alex - USA

- First let me say how relieved my wallet was to find your hooks. I bought 600 and like the quality and the price. How often do you get both qualities in one item?

I am a Site moderator for in Edmonton I am going to do a product review this fall and I just wanted to let you know. There is nothing negative in the review and when it goes up I will send you a link. Thanks again I look forward to dealing with you again in the future. Kerry - Edmonton, Canada

- I received my first order of hooks a couple of weeks ago. I tied up some stuff and got a chance to try them on some 15-20" Rainbows and Browns in a local river. I was impressed with the strength and quality of your hooks, for the price they are a great deal. Darren - Littelton, Co. USA

- I have bought a number of hooks from you already. The quality and prices have impressed me. Thanks for being there. I hope your business is going well because you certainly do offer service, value and quality. Ray - Waco Texas

- Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with the hooks I received today.  Great quality at a very good price.  I'll be back again.  Thank you so much! 
Steve - 
Los Angeles 

- The order arrived in great shape today's mail. Thank you very much for your response and for your quality service! I will be ordering again when I can figure what I will be tying this summer. Jim

- I wanted to let you know that the reel you sold me works very well. The drag is smooth and consistant. I've landed dozens of fish in the Skeena River now, including sockeye, coho and the steelhead in the attached photo. Thanks again. Jayson  

 - Thanks for the prompt delivery of my order. I am very pleased with the hooks. Since I have been tying for 55 years, I know good hooks when I see them. Tim - Mi. 

- I just want to say thanks for offering such great streamer hooks. I have been tying bunny leaches with the 2x streamer hook for about 4 years now which have been deadly on Ozark rainbows and browns. The attached was caught on a bunny leach streamer tied on a togen 2x streamer hook in October 2011. The fish weighed 14.5lbs and measured 32"x18.5". I stocked up on streamer hooks the last time I ordered but will be returning for future purchases. Erick Lawing

The Hooks are High End quality and not different to other Hooks with great Brand Names. I’m impressed!

I’ll buy more from Your Store in The future.  Thanks again for the good Deal and Your fantastic service!

Best Regards from Germany & Fish On! Dyrk 

- that's great customer service indeed! Thank you. By the way I used the new fishing line I got from you and it's great, not a coil in sight, a pleasure to use. 

- A short note expressing my appreciation for Togen hooks. I recently ordered and received 2100 hooks. I am impress with the quality and especially the consistency and strength of the wire used in these hooks. Whoever is the manufacturer has a wonderful quality control department. I have not inspected all 2100 hooks but so far I have not found a single problem as I have with hooks supplied by other vendors. Joe Nicklo - HGM Fly's 

- We just completed our yearly Casting For Recovery Program here in North Idaho and as usual it was a profoundly moving and beneficial event. If you are not aware of the program it is an opportunity for women who have experienced cancer to use fly fishing as a recovery program to develop physical and spiritual strength.
One of our volunteers who helped this week happens to be a FFF Certified Master Casting Instructor and is an absolute expert when it comes to the art of casting a fly rod. We had a little down time and I asked if he would evaluate a rod for me and give me his expert opinion of a rod that I had with me and that I was also using. He answered in the affirmative. The rod in question was your 4wt 4 piece 9' rod with your new floating line and also your wide arbor reel. It is interesting that this event took place in the presence of about 15 of some of the best fly fishermen in the North West and the interest was intense.
Skip inspected the rod and asked the usual questions and then proceeded to cast the rod on the lawn before a group of extremely experienced guys and to put on a performance that I wish I could have caught on film! He not only made the rod perform but did it in a truly impressive manner. To get to the important part his opinion was that it performed extremely well and that the line also was capable of a high level of casting performance. It is interesting that he made the comparison to his very expensive Sage rod that is the absolute top of the line in the Sage inventory.
When told the price of the rod and the case/extra tip the entire group was extremely impressed and interested in your company. His only comment to the negative was that as setup the outfit was a little heavy and much of that can be assigned to the size of the reel that I had on it.
Hopefully some business will come from the demonstration and I also pointed out that you have excellent tying materials and other items of interest. I must confess that I failed to take some business cards with me to hand out but I will correct that at our next get together next month.  Gary
- Just wanted to let you know that I tested those beads this week. First cast with a rainbow bead head caddis pupa and I had a fish on in less than 3 seconds. I barely had enough time to get the slack out of the line. After that it was regular action while I had the fly on. I liked that the takes were more aggressive than on other flies without the rainbow beads. I'll be using them in the future. Marc

- I just returned from Crowley Lake catching bows, browns, and cutthroat to 20" and 5-6lbs. My favorite rod on this outing was your Togen 9'- 6", 6 weight two piece rod. I enjoy the extra length of the 9'-6" rod for improved hook setting, especially when fishing from a float tube. I prefer the heavier 6wt. as opposed to the 4 and 5wts. for the added strength when fighting these large fish and for increased casting strength when the nasty winds pick up. The two piece is my preference for casting and fishing, but I know that many of your customers travel by plane to their destinations and a four piece would be beneficial for these customers. I feel that the two piece rods have more strength at the butt half and more touch delivered to the tip than the four piece and if not traveling regularly by plane, would recommend the two piece.

P.S. I am VERY impressed with the Togen reels. I have been using the a702a1 5/6/7 for freshwater and the 7/8/9 for salt with zero issues while catching many large fish putting the drag to the test. :)  
Rob Buhler

- As promised, I'm reporting my experience with the reel I bought from you.....excellent! I fished several lakes in the interior May and into June. The reel performed flawlessly, even on 8&10lb screamers into the backing.Good solid reel with smooth, no worries drag. Your brown magic beads, also proved to be a "more than welcome addition" to some of my chronies. I now have one I call the "double brown" was the best of the season! Thanks......... Yankee Tom

Fly tying success is akin to fishing success, you’re happy to bore tears out of your fishing buddies, describing the instant of clarity when goat nostril was the perfect tailing fiber for your pre-menopausal emergent mayfly adult.

Thank you very much. Your products are great. Your customer service is excellent. My hat is off to you. Sean