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Togens Emerger

Size Guide

Togens Emerger hooks are great for hooking into a rising fish during mayfly, midge or caddis hatches. The curve on the hook makes the fly highly visible to the fish, so try tying your fly inverted giving you two curves to work with.

We set out to provide a high quality hook at the best price possible. We believe you don't need to pay huge dollars for high quality! With durable material and fine, quality craftsmanship, from the strong shank to the razor sharp hook, when you've latched onto the tournament sized fish, you may have to be concerned with the "line and sinker" but the hook is a sure thing with Togens!

Qty:  100 pack / 1000 pack


  • Straight eye
  • Standard wire
  • Sproat bend
  • Bronze finished
  • Uses: Emerger, Dry fly

  • Emerger by Pro-team member Rune Frem. @runefrem