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UTC Midge Sparkle Braid

UTC Midge Sparkle Braid Thread is great for small bright bodies or for ribbing on nymphs and streamer flies. With a nice variety of colors the UTC Midge Sparkle Braid can also be used in a wide variety of fly tying patterns. 

  • Multiple color options
  • Long lasting durable quality
  • Perfect for small bright bodies
  • Dense body materials

Knitted mylar "cord" great for wrapping bodies or teasing out fibers for wings, legs and shucks.. Excellent for forming bodies or tags and for ribbing on larger patterns or where a finer ribbing material gets lost in thick , dense body materials. 

Add some of this to shrimp flies for bonefish or add some sparkle to your steelhead flies and even carp flies. There's tons of uses for this easy to use fly tying material.

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