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UTC Holographic Tinsel

UTC Holographic Tinsel, A bright 3-D holographic tinsel! Use for tinsel body streamers like the black-nosed dace and muddler minnow. Brightens up flashback nymphs. Great for bodies on salmon & steelhead flies. A must have fly tying material

  • Maximum flash for your hand-ties
  • Adds life and movement to any pattern
  • Brightest, most durable holographic tinsel available
  • 4 spools, 4 top-selling Ultra Thread colors
  • Essential for heavily-fished waters and finicky fish

Add maximum flash to your hand-ties with this premium UTC Holographic Tinsel Assortment. This is the brightest, most durable holographic fly tying tinsel available, and it will add life and movement to even the dullest patterns.  A must-have for any fly tyer, especially when confronted by heavily-fished waters and reluctant takers.

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Size:  Medium  1/32mm