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Togens Wet Fly

Size Guide

The Togens Wet Fly hook are generally tied fairly sparsely with bright colors and soft hackle wings to ensure the fish see the fly when there are waves or current present. Try this on your next fly tying pattern.

Wet Flies tend to imitate insects/bugs that have been swept beneath the water's surface, like caddis, stoneflies, mayflies and more.

Togens hooks are made of premium high-carbon steel, which is hardened and tempered, providing a long point life and a very strong hook. Togens hooks use a constant taper. This provides consistency in shape, assuring no weak spots, and gives amazing speed of penetration.

Qty: 100 pack / 1000 pack


  • Sproat bend
  • Down-eye
  • Bronze Finish
  • Standard length
  • Heavy wire
  • Forged