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Wooly Bugger Antron Chenille

Wapsi Wooly Bugger Antron Chenille is a very dense Antron Chenille with pear tinsel tied into it for a little glimmer of flash. This chenille is perfect for tying Wooly Bugger flies. Some anglers theorize that the tri-lobal filaments trap air bubbles, creating a natural appearance to the fly. Although this theory is debatable, no one can argue the effectiveness of flies tied with Antron.

  • Multiple color options
  • Dense long lasting quality
  • Natural look on flies
  • Resistance to matting, crushing, and abrasive wear
  • Subtle flash and sparkle

The Wapsi Wooly Bugger Chenille is a dense materials designed for long lasting quality. The density of the material means you can use less material per fly for the same effect. This antron chenille is very dense with pearl mylar tinsel mixed in for just the right amount of flash. Ideally suited for tying wooly buggers.

This speaks to the durability of your flies and their appearance after landing several fish. In short, your flies will be more durable and look better when using Wooly Bugger Chenille.
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